Digital Marketing

Course Description

In this combined online-offline learning environment, we introduce you to the essentials of Digital Marketing based on your current experience level and learning goals.

Digital Marketing provides learners with adequate tools and resources to thrive in a world of mobile first, online content (news. information) consumption. By leveraging digital channels that are relevant to the needs of your business, project or team, you can drive up the acquisition, publicity of a product, program, project or idea.

This course will provide with the requisite knowledge, template, tools, and skills to thrive in a digital world.


A certification of completion will be provided by Blend Your Learning at the completion of the program.

Learning Outcomes

Step by step you will learn how to:

  • Use digital channels to acquire new customers or inform your target audience about an idea, program, project etc.
  • Provide support to your target audience using digital channels.
  • Strategy for content creation across different digital channels.
  • A re-introduction to social media and how to leverage it to your benefits.
  • The plethora of tools available to be used for digital marketing.
  • Think about the role of data in coming up with digital strategy and executing using data.
  • The marketing of digital marketing.

Since every project relies on the people who are delivering it, the course also enables you to explore how you can effectively communicate, manage people and employ leadership skills to successfully deliver your own project.

Be Prepared

To spend 3 - 5 hours a week learning online. Three in-person sessions that'll last for 3 hours each meeting.


Without Certificate = 1000 Cedis (You get the Blend Your Learning)

There is an opportunity for instalment payments.

Jemyma Randy-Cofie

Project Management Faciitator

Ugo Chukwujiaka

Facilitation Assistant

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